ePlay 2 Pro


ePlay 2 Pro Getting Started

Set up ePlay 2 Pro

Learn how to use the IEAST control app for iOS or Android to set up your ePlay 2 Pro.

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Using buttons or remote control

Learn how to use the ePlay 2 Pro panel buttons and remote control to pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, switch modes, and recall preset playlists.

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ePlay 2 Pro Line Out and Optical Out

Connect the ePlay 2 Pro to the rear amplifier or active speaker through the line and fiber optic output ports.

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Discover all the features of ePlay 2 Pro

The ePlay 2 Pro is a network streaming media player with an embedded ESS9018 HiFi DAC. It can upgrade traditional audio equipment, transforming traditional stereo amplifiers and active speakers into wireless streaming enabled amplifiers or active speakers, and providing features such as subwoofer output, 12V trigger interface, and RS232 interface. With features such as “do not disturb mode” and EQ settings, it can meet the needs of various high-end background music systems and other applications. Whether in home entertainment or commercial settings, the ePlay 2 Pro can bring you excellent sound quality and unlimited listening experience.

Product MANUAL

Resolve issues with ePlay 2 Pro

IEAST Controlle App cannot find ePlay 2 Pro during setup process

Understand the solution when ePlay 2 Pro cannot be found during the setup process using the IEAST controller app.

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Audio intermittent or sudden stop

There may be multiple possible reasons for audio interruption. Our theme page will help you narrow down the scope and solve the problem.

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Unable to detect Bluetooth for ePlay 2 Pro

For issues where Bluetooth devices cannot be detected, learn how to reconnect your ePlay 2 Pro's Bluetooth.

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Line output and optical output to amplifier or powered speakers without sound

If you cannot hear any audio when using ePlay 2 Pro for line output or optical output to power amplifiers and active speakers, please follow the steps below.

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